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Banks of all sizes see the importance of meeting three key challenges today: providing good returns to shareholders, keeping up with digital evolution and operating efficiently. Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is an opportunity for community banks to address all three challenges.

Designed specifically to support community bankers, the Bankers Helping Bankers BaaS Toolkit serves as a starting point, helping to overcome uncertainties and step confidently into the world of BaaS.

What’s Included for $4,995:

Immediate access to over 100 pages of fluff-free information and five templates designed to springboard your BaaS journey.

Get up to speed quickly.

  • Introduction to Banking-as-a-Service
  • Banking-as-a-Service Definitions
  • BaaS Architectural Models and APIs
  • Fees & Pricing Models

Start building your program.

  • Business Case & Roadmap Template
  • Project Charter Template
  • Fintech Partner Due Diligence Checklist Template
  • Value Chain Capability Maps Template
  • Regulation Mapping Matrix Template

Move forward with confidence.

  • BaaS KYC, TPRM & BSA/AML Considerations
  • BaaS Policy & Procedures Best Practices
  • How to Find Fintechs Infographic
  • Helpful Tips for Working with a Fintech
  • Strategy Formulation Primer
  • Contracts Overview & Recommended Practices

Take action now to save time, effort and resources while propelling your bank towards BaaS success.