You are currently viewing IBAT Priorities for Lame Duck Congress

With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, all eyes now turn from turkey to the lame-duck of the 117th Congress. In the weeks ahead, IBAT will be working to support the efforts of the ICBA and community bankers nationwide to:

  • Pass the SAFE Banking Act, which would establish a cannabis banking safe harbor in states where cannabis is legal;
  • Take up legislation to close the industrial loan company loophole;
  • Reject legislation to extend Durbin Amendment restrictions to credit cards;
  • Not hastily pass any cryptocurrency legislation, which requires further study and community bank input;
  • Vote down legislation to expand credit unions’ fields of membership and commercial lending powers as well as Farm Credit System regulatory exemptions; and
  • Oppose efforts to institute postal banking, SBA direct lending, new overdraft restrictions, and surprise tax increases.

As always, IBAT members can visit the IBAT Grassroots Action Center to engage on current issues. Right now, we especially encourage your engagement on legislation that would extend certain provisions of the Durbin Amendment to credit cards.