You are currently viewing IBAT-Supported Candidates

IBAT has been busy tabulating dozens of surveys in open seat races around the state and has the list of those candidates available for your review. Remember that it takes a 2/3 majority of responses – one bank, one vote – to allow IBAT to support a particular candidate. Multiple responses from a single bank must meet the 2/3 threshold as well to be counted.

Please note that these are organized by office (Congress, State Senate, Texas House, Statewide and Judicial) and further by district number.  As you are aware, you can find your respective districts for your elected officials on your voter registration card. To the many of you who filled out these survey forms, we thank you sincerely. IBAT is indeed a member driven organization and we want to support those candidates preferred by a supermajority of their districts. 

Additionally, a number of districts have changed significantly in the redistricting process. You can review the new maps here.

We have a number of important races in this cycle and encourage you and those in your circle of influence to exercise your right to vote. Polling places for early and “day of” voting can be found on your respective county’s website.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like additional information, please contact Meredyth Fowler or Steve Scurlock at the IBAT office at 512-474-6889.