IBAT Peer Review

Meet the Peer Review Team

Julie Courtney
IBAT Services Inc.

Sharon Filer
Vendor Due Diligence Manager
IBAT Services Inc.


IBAT is proud to introduce IBAT Peer Review Provider, a new designation for associate members. Peer Review Provider is a vetted mark of distinction for products and services offered to IBAT-member community banks. While it’s not a full endorsement by IBAT, it signifies a vendor’s commitment to quality, customer service and transparency.

The new designation allows member companies to take advantage of the IBAT due diligence process and apply it to more products and services on behalf of our banks. The value of the endorsed logo on a company listing for a product or service is trusted by community bankers, thanks to the scrutiny of the association’s vendor management program, ongoing reviews for current compliance standards and a review of the financial health of a company.

Peer Review will help bankers identify business solutions by providing immediate feedback on the considered product or service from fellow bankers.

Peer Review is a way for member banks to:

  • Identify what business solutions are available in a product field category.
  • Review basic due diligence on a vendor.
  • Access “intelligence” from fellow bankers on peer reviewed companies.
  • Make vendor decisions more quickly.
  • Achieve greater organizational savings and performance improvements.

Peer Review Staff Contact: Sharon Filer