You are currently viewing FCIC Making an Impact in the Fight Against Card Fraud

IBAT has written with some regularity of the good work being done by the Financial Crimes Intelligence Center (FCIC) and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) to quell the ongoing epidemic of card fraud. In a recent press release, TDLR details some of the impressive and appreciated accomplishments of FCIC in its first year of existence. Additionally, several television stations including KLTV in Tyler featured news stories on the FCIC and its important work to protect consumers and benefit your bank.

“IBAT is proud to have played a role in the creation and establishment of this important and unique program,” said Steve Scurlock, IBAT Director of Government Relations. “Adam Colby and his team have surpassed the most optimistic expectations and are making a significant dent in the damage this type of fraud creates for consumers and banks. Special thanks also to Smith County District Attorney Jacob Putman for his ‘no nonsense’ prosecution of perpetrators.”

With enhanced funding available for additional investigators, IT and support staff, as well as finalized implementation of a secure network to share information on a “near real-time” basis, Texas citizens, law enforcement agencies and financial institutions will all benefit.

The FCIC provides regular updates on the location of verified skimmers, and IBAT shares that confidential information on the Bankers Helping Bankers platform. If you haven’t already signed up for this free service, we encourage you to do so.